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Called Customer Services on 1300650410 - Robot is highly frustrating. Very very annoying - Robot wasted lots of time - bla bla bla - Finally it sticks me in a que and tells me there is a 40 minute wait on call…

I hung up.. I have a very low tollerance for high delay especially mixed with a computerised interuption service.

The "Robot" fails

I thought I better give Vodafone another go. I tried over and over to get past the robot. I called vodafone 4 times.. But gave up trying to get a human.

I followed the prompts to the end. All the time asking for an operator at the prompts. Trying the various paths offered. But in the end vodaphone just didnt provide a customer service contact point in the middle of the night. It was all just dead ends..

I dont even know how I got intot the 40 minute que the first time..I certainly couldn’t duplicate the feat.

Lets try "Sales"

11.46pm I called the vodaphone sales number.. Just to see if they are happier to sign up new users… 132616 They were… I battled the robot and got an operator.

So much easier on the sales side..(hmm) By 12.04 I was finished. I spoke to a sales operator.. Aparently Vodafone dont charge to change a plan. It is an option that you select each time you recharge your credit.

Good luck with that...

But good luck to you if you try to get past their highly annoying robot. If your really lucky you may find a way to get a Human from Customer Support to speak to. (Try the sales number..)

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