Kevin James Andrews (born 9 November 1955) is an Australian politician and member of the Liberal Party of Australia, first elected to the House of Representatives seat of Menzies at the 1991 by-election. He has been the Minister for Social Services in the Abbott Government since 18 September 2013.

A member of the Catholic Pontifical Council for the Laity, Andrews is an Adjunct Lecturer in Politics and in Marriage Education in the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne.

Andrews is an advisor to the Board of Life Decisions International (LDI), a (non-denominational) religious pro-life group that is primarily concerned with opposing the pro-choice Planned Parenthood organisation.

LDI campaigns for chastity, boycotts corporations and names individual celebrities who support abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem cell experimentation or who, in their opinion, support sexual promiscuity.

These include GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Time Warner and Disney.

Andrews has described his role as “honorary patronage”. He was criticised by the Sydney Morning Herald for failing to declare his wife’s membership of Life Decisions International’s Board of Advisors on his entry in the Parliamentary Register of Pecuniary Interests.

Life Decisions International fired back by accusing the Sydney Morning Herald of great bias and having no regard for the truth.

Andrews made a speech to the Endeavour Forum on 9 April 2003 a group focusing on women’s issues, opposing abortion, equal opportunity and affirmative action.

He has also spoken at the Family Council of Victoria, an organisation which regards homosexuality as the manifestation of a psychiatric disorder. The Family Council of Victoria also opposes sex-education and anti-homophobia policies in public schools, which it claims is “pro-homosexual indoctrination” of students.

Andrews supports immigration as a way to slow population ageing in Australia.

During an address to the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia, he said that “The level of net overseas migration is important as net inflows of migrants to Australia reduce the rate of population ageing because migrants are younger on average than the resident population. Just under 70% of the migrant intake are in the 15–44 age cohort, compared to 43% of the Australian population as a whole. Just 10% of the migrant intake are 45 or over, compared with 38% of the Australian population.”

In 2011, as a Liberal Shadow Cabinet frontbencher Andrews published a critique of the Greens policy agenda for Quadrant Magazine in which he wrote that the Australian Greens’ “objective involves a radical transformation of the culture that underpins Western civilisation” and that their agenda would threaten the “Judeo-Christian/Enlightenment synthesis that upholds the individual” as well as “the economic system that has resulted in the creation of wealth and prosperity for the most people in human history.”

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