Howards Cowards

The Howard Government is a bunch of yes men that will not stand up to their current leader (John Howard). Even when they knew that Howard was taking them into disaster in so many ways. They continued to support him. Loyalty? In politics? You tell me?

These are the faces of the People that bought you:

Legacy of the Howard Liberals

Gun Laws - July 1996, Wik - December 1996, Eroded Medicare - Private Health Insurance - July 1998, Sold Telstra - T1 Float - 1997, Sold Commonwealth Bank - 1997, Republic Referendum - Loaded Questions - November 1999, GST - July 2000, Boat People - August 2001, Sold Sydney Airport - June 2002, Asylum People in Detention - July 2002, Iraq War - March 2003, Tighten Social Security too hard - 2005, David Hicks - 2006, IR Laws - 2006, Soldiers Home in Body Bags - 2007, ID Card - (Was gonnna be) 2007.

Lesser of two evils?

The Howard Government was first elected on March 2, 1996. It was the first federal victory by the coalition of the Liberal and National Parties since 1980.

Maybe not..

The voting public must now see what Howard will continue to do.

Vote Howard out on November 24th 2007. (Note Edited 2008: Howard was voted out. In fact he lost his seat in parliament as the public refused to return him. After 30 plus years in office.)

The Liberal/National party support Globalisation.


Howard Cabinet - Image from

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