Vote Link: Globalisation - Good or Bad?

What is Globalisation?

Globalisation is where national boundarys are disolved to allow the trade of goods and services. This results in reduced employement in those areas of the world that have better living conditions. As corporations take advantage of workers who will provide goods and services at reduced cost to that coporation.

Basically the Corporation ends up betraying the country where it began. All in the name of profit. Corporations have no concience. If they donate to charity it is to get a tax break. You see, It’s “profitable” to do so. Otherwise Im sure they would not.

Corporate Weaknesses?

So Corporations are totally profit driven. This is of course their weakness.


The public need only boycott a Corporations products and services to bring them to their knees.

Vote Link: Should the public boycott/bankrupt rogue Corporations?

Finally extracting 'value for money'

For the world to target a certain Corporation would be devestating to that Corporation. It would put all other Corporations on notice as the targetted Coporation is publicly bankrupted. It would also show them once and for all who is the dog and who is the tail.

Bad Corporation Register

For this purpose I have created a “Bad Corporation Register”.

Keeping the bastards honest

Please feel free to: Register a Bad Corporation that Exploits its Customers or Workers.

The public is sick of Globalisation

The people want better living conditions. The people want peace. The people dont want the Corporations to destroy the world with Global Warming.

One day the people will speak loudly to the Corporations. It will not be nice.

2017-02-22 Globalisation

The destruction of low income people by the Income managed Welfare Card..


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The destruction of low income people by the Income managed Welfare Card..


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